Table 1. Expression of DCBLD2 protein and mRNA in tissue and cell types

Data were compiled from low-throughput studies reported in primary literature.

Highest expressionOther tissues/Cell typesSpeciesAgeOrganismReferencesTissue/Cell
Heartbrain, lung, spleen, stomach, small intestine, colon, kidney, testismRNA-Rat[1]Tissue
Skeletal muscle, heart, testispancreas, kidney, liver, placenta, brain, colon, small intestine, ovary, prostatemRNAAdultHuman[2]Tissue
Heartlung, brain, kidney, adrenal glandmRNAFetalHuman[2]Tissue
Heart, lung, aortabrain, spleen, stomach, kidney, skeletal muscle, liverprotein-Mouse[8]Tissue
-liver, muscleprotein18–20 wkMouse[7]Tissue
Megakaryocyteserythrocytes, HUVECsmRNA-Human[29]Cell
CASMCshCAECs, HeLamRNA-Rat, human[1]Cell
DRG neurons-mRNAe15.5Mouse[30]Cell