Table 6 Identification of prostaglandin F synthase activity in trypanosomatid aldo-keto reductases and old yellow enzyme
EnzymePeak area
No enzyme control3185176 250984
HsPGFS6415187 319537
TcAKR4231190 0971161
LiPGFS133 807536156 739393
LiPGFS238 285467149 112273
TbPGFS28 568306139 483606
TcOYE25 216510133 298353

Enzymes were incubated with PGH2 as described in Experimental Procedures and analysed by LC–MS. 6-Keto-PGF and iso-PGF were not detected. PGH2 is unstable and in the absence of enzyme is spontaneously rearranged to PGE2 [32,33].