Table 5 Apparent second order rate constants for reaction of selected biological oxidants with the amino acid cysteine in different environments at neutral pH (∼7.4) and ∼22°C

Data from [4-6,47,275-282].

OxidantCysteine environmentApparent second order rate constant (M−1·s−1)
HOClFree amino acid3.6×108
Cys in GSH1.2×108
HOSCNFree amino acid7.8×104
Cys in GSH2.5×104
Cys-34 in BSA7.6×104
ONOOHFree amino acid2.6×103
Cys in GSH7.3×102
Cys-34 in BSA3.8×103
Active site Cys in peroxiredoxin 57×107
H2O2Free amino acid0.84
Cys in GSH0.42
Cys-34 in BSA2.3
Active site Cys in peroxiredoxin 2∼107