Table 2 Parallel evolution of fibrillin-interacting proteins and TGFβ

Proteins detected by searching the NCBI and JGI databases with the relevant human sequence using the BLAST tool. The identities of detected proteins were then confirmed by using them in a BLAST search back against the human genome and checking the original search protein was the highest scoring result returned. Any unexpected protein appearances were further checked by domain prediction using the SMART web program. A, aggrecan; V, versican.

Homo sapiens (human)++MAGP1+++V++++TGFβ1+Nine homologues (three known to bind fibrillin)
Danio rerio (zebra fish)++MAGP1+++V++++1++
C. intestinalis (sea squirt)++++V++1+
S. purpuratus (sea urchin)++++++1+
T. castaneum (flour beetle)++++
C. elegans (nematode)++
Lottia gigantea (limpet)++++
Cnidarians (jellyfish)++++
Placozoa (Trichoplax)++