Table 1 Structures of CUB domains with coordinates in the PDB
Protein and originPDB codeDomain boundariesResolution (Å) (1 Å=0.1 nm)Ca2+- binding siteRemarksReferences
aSFP (bovine)1SFP10–1081.9No[4]
PSP-I (pig)1SPP9–1072.4No[4]
PSP-II (pig)1SPP9–1072.4No[4]
CUBN (human)3KQ4932–10463.3YesNo β1[10]
NRP-1 (human)2QQM147–2622.0YesNo β1[7]
NRP-2 (human)2QQK149–2642.75Yes*No β1[7]
NRP-2 (human)2QQL149–2643.1Yes*No β1[7]
NRP-2 (human)2QQO149–2642.3YesNo β1[7]
TSG6 (human)2WNO131–2492.3YesNo β1
C1s (human)1NZI1–1121.5YesNo β1, no β2[5]
MASP2 (rat)1NT05–1152.7Yes*No β1, no β2[8]
165–274Yes*No β1
MASP2 (human)1SZB9–1192.5YesNo β1, no β2[6]
MASP1 (human)3DEM1–1162.3YesNo β1, no β2[9]
166–275No β1
  • * A Ca2+-binding site is present, although Ca2+ could not be seen in a loose electron density.