Table 2 Proportion of residues that are mutated in the buried, intermediate and surface sites of proteins whose sequences have diverged by <10% to 50–60%

For six divergence categories, <10% to 50–60%, we give the average proportion of residues in each ASA (accessible surface area) range that have mutations. Thus, for example, for orthologues whose sequences have diverged by 20–30%, 12.4% of the buried residues (ASA=0–20 Å2), 23.7% of the intermediate residues (ASA=20–60 Å2) and 38.2% of the surface residues (ASA=60–∼140 Å2) have mutations.

Proportion (%) of mutated residues in each ASA region
ASA of the three regions (Å2)<10%10–20%20–30%30–40%40–50%50–60%