Table 2 Properties of PLCζWT and PLCζH435P co-expressed in mouse eggs

Ca2+ oscillation-inducing activity (Ca2+ spike number in 2 h; time to first Ca2+ spike) and luciferase luminescence levels (peak luminescence; luminescence at first spike) are summarized for mouse eggs microinjected with each PLC-luciferase construct (see Figure 3). Each egg was microinjected with a pipette cRNA concentration of 1.6 g/l. The asterisk denotes that this value is the time taken after the second injection of cRNA for PLCζWT. Values are means±S.E.M.

PLCζ-luciferase injectedCa2+ spikes in the first 2 h (n)Peak luminescence (c.p.s.)Time of first spike (min)Luminescence at first spike (c.p.s.)Number of eggs
PLCζH435P and PLCζWT mixture21±1.73.4±0.14~300.68±0.04519
PLCζH435P +1 h, then PLCζWT17.2±1.015.8±0.47~30*7.06±0.7221
PLCζH435P +2 h, then PLCζWT15.5±1.128.1±1.6~30*18.68±1.213