Table 1 Data collection, molecular replacement and structure refinement statistics
Data collection
 X-ray sourceID23EH1
 DetectorADSC Quantum Q315
 Wavelength (Å)0.97485
 Scan range (°)360
 Oscillation (°)0.25
 Space groupP32
a (Å)74.62
b (Å)74.61
c (Å)340.53
 Mosaicity (°)0.180
 Resolution (last shell) (Å)2.39 (2.54–2.39)
 Completeness (last shell) (%)97.8 (92.6)
Rsym (last shell) (%)5.6 (48.7)
I/σ(I) (last shell)25.73 (4.91)
 Number of observed/unique reflections653063/164140
 Wilson B factor (Å2)47.74
 Twin fraction0.392
Molecular replacement
 Number of atoms used in refinement14138
 Number of solvent atoms435
 RMS deviation, bond lengths (Å)0.008
 RMS deviation, bond angles (°)1.122
 Mean B factor (Å2)28.5
 Residues in most favoured/allowed region of Ramachandran plot (%)99.9
 PDB entry2Y1V