Table 1 Results of the nuclear export assay on human DUB cNESs in relation to the program(s) that identified each sequence as a candidate NESs

Positive hits expected if every predicted cNESs had been tested, estimated by extrapolating the percentage of experimentally validated NES in each category. N+E+F, cNESs predicted by the three programs; N+E, cNESs predicted by NetNES and ELM; N+F, cNESs predicted by NetNES and NES Finder; E+F, cNESs predicted by ELM and NES Finder; N, cNESs predicted only by NetNES; E, cNESs predicted only by ELM; F, cNESs predicted only by NES Finder.

Program(s)Number of cNESs predictedExport assay results: positive/tested (%)Estimated total positive
Multiple programs
 N+E+F65/6 (83.3)5
 N+E11/1 (100)1
 N+F258/24 (33.3)8
 E+F3110/30 (33.3)10
Single program
 N432/15 (13.3)6
 E335/15 (33.3)11
 F2891/19 (5.3)15
Total multiple programs6324/61 (39.3)24
Total single program3658/49 (16.3)32
Total42832/110 (29)56