Table 1 Plasmid constructs used in the present study
AliasOriginal nameSource
SRE-luc6×SRE-lucGenerated by our laboratory group [28]
LXRE-luc3×LXRE-lucGenerated by our laboratory group [26]
TK-lucpGL3-TKDr Malcolm Lyons, Western Australian Institute of Medical Research, Perth, WA, Australia
pCMV5-SCAPpCMV5-SCAPDr Ryuichiro Sato, University of Toyko, Tokyo, Japan
SCAP-MycpcDNA4-SCAP-MycHisCGenerated in the present study
SCAP-Y234A-MycpcDNA4-SCAP-MycHisC-Y234AGenerated in the present study
pCMV5-HA-SREBP2(M)pCMV5-HA-SREBP2(N)Dr John Shyy, University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA, U.S.A.
HA-SREBP-2(M)pcDNA4-HA-SREBP-2(M)Generated in the present study
HA-SREBP-2(M)-DNABmutpcDNA4-HA-SREBP-2(M)-Y342RGenerated in the present study
HA-SREBP-2(M)-CPDmutpcDNA4-HA-SREBP-2(M)-S432A/S436AGenerated in the present study