Table 3 High-resolution structures of FAS ACPs solved to date
OrganismAcylation statePDB IDComments
Type II Proteins
E. coliApo1ACP, 1T8K, 2K92
E. coliHolo2K93
E. coliButyryl1L0I, 1L0H, 2K94
E. coliHexanoyl2FAC
E. coliHeptanoyl2FAD
E. coliDecanoyl2FAE
E. colitrans-2-Dodecenoyl2FHSIn complex with FabI
S. oleraceaDecanoyl2FVF, 2FVE
S. oleraceaOctadecanoyl2FVA, 2AVA
P. falciparumHolo2FQ0, 2FQ2
P. falciparumHolo3GZL, 3GZMDisulfide-linked ACP
M. tuberculosisHolo1KLP
B. subtilisApo/Holo1HY8
B. subtilisHolo1F80In complex with ACPS
B. subtilisMalonyl2X2B
Type I proteins
RatApo1N8L, 2PNG
HumanApo2CG5In complex with ACPS
YeastHolo2UV8, 2PFF, 2VKZPart of mega-synthase