Table 3 Available structures of members of the histidine phosphatase superfamily

1 Å=0.1 nm

Major branchEnzyme activitySourceYear of deposition in the PDBPDB code(s)Resolution (Å)Reference(s)Notes
1dPGMS. cerevisiae19751PGM*3.5[137,138]The first superfamily crystal structure, published in 1974 [138] following an earlier low-resolution structure [137]. No sequence available.
19823PGM2.8[139]The first sequence-traced structure.
19974PGM2.3[81]Corrects an error in the conformation of the active-site histidine residues of earlier structures.
1998–19995PGM, 1BQ3, 1BQ4, 1QHF1.7–2.7[107,108,140]
S. pombe20001FZTn/a[141]The only NMR structure of a superfamily member.
E. coli20001E58, 1E591.25–1.3[89,106]Includes the highest resolution structure in the superfamily, phosphorylated enzyme [89].
M. tuberculosis20031RII1.7[142]
Plasmodium falciparum20041XQ92.6Unpublished
Human (B-type)20051YJX, 1YFK2.7–2.8[112]
BPGMHuman erythrocyte2004–20051T8P, 2A9J, 2HHJ, 2F90, 2H52, 2H4X, 2H4Z1.5–2.5[90,109]Includes a remarkable set of structures providing snapshots along the process of enzyme phosphorylation by 2,3-BPG [90].
PhoEG. stearothermophilus2001–20021EBB, 1H2E, 1H2F1.69–2.3[92,114]
F26BPaseRat testis1996–20001BIF, 2BIF, 3BIF, 1FBT, 1TIP, 1C80, 1C7Z, 1C812.0–2.6[100,143146]Includes the first structure of a phosphoenzyme in the superfamily [144].
Human liver20011K6M2.4[46]
SixAE. coli20031UJB, 1UJC1.9–2.06[85]Representative of the minimal core fold of the superfamily.
Phosphatase of unknown specificityM. tuberculosis20052A6P2.2[86]
UnknownT. thermophilus2003–20061V37, 2HIA, 1V7Q1.4–1.6UnpublishedUnpublished Structural Genomics outputs [147].
2PAPRat19931RPA, 1RPT3.0[9,82,148]The first, chloride-bound structure is not apparently deposited in the PDB.
Human1998–20022HPA, 1CVI, 1ND5, 1ND62.4–3.2[71,149,150]Includes complexes relevant to rational inhibitor design.
PhytaseAspergillus ficuum19971IHP2.5[151]
Aspergillus niger19991QFX2.4[152]
Aspergillus fumigatus2003–20041QWO, 1SKA, 1SKB, 1SK91.5–1.69[93,115]Include a high-resolution structure of the phosphorylated enzyme.
E. coli19991DKL, 1DKM, 1DKN, 1DKO, 1DKP, 1DKQ2.05–2.4[103]
Glucose-1-phosphataseE. coli20031NT42.4[91]
UnknownFrancisella tularensis20062GLA, 2GLB, 2GLC1.65–1.85Unpublished
  • * Obsolete, no longer available in the regular PDB.

  • Obsolete, but still present in the PDB.