Table 1 Inhibitory potency of mono-, di- and tri-carboxylic acids on PFK

Experiments were performed as described for the inset to Figure 1(A). Values are means±S.E.M. of four independent experiments (n=4). *P<0.05 compared with control; †P<0.05 compared with 10 mM lactate; ‡P<0.05 compared with 5 mM lactate.

AdditionConcentrationPFK activity (% of control)
Lactate5 mM47±4*†
Lactate10 mM13±1*‡
Pyruvate5 mM103±10‡
Pyruvate10 mM102±11†
Oxalate10 mM85±12†
Malate10 mM82±14†
Citrate10 mM61±12*†