Table 1 PDB entries for structures of the NADPH oxidase subunits

This Table lists all the PDB entries of structures of NADPH oxidase components that are currently available. aa, amino acids.

CodeProteinBinding partnerReferenceMethodFigure
1H6Hp40phox PX domaindi-C4-PtdIns(3)P[189]X-ray8
1GD5p47phox PX domain[194]NMR
1KQ6p47phox PX domainM. Wahl, H. Delbrueck, H. Oschkinat and U. Heinemann, published in PDB, 2003X-ray
1O7Kp47phox PX domainSulphate ions[191]X-ray8
1K4Up47phox aa 359–390p67phox SH3B[136]NMR4
1NG2p47phox auto-inhibited (aa 156–340)[144]X-ray5, 6
1UECp47phox auto-inhibited (aa 151–340)[145]X-ray
1OV3p47phox aa 156–285p22phox peptide (aa 148–162)[144]X-ray5
1OEYp67phox PB1 domainp40phox PB1 domain[119]X-ray3
1HH8p67phox TPR domain[177]X-ray
1E96p67phox TPR domainRac[73]X-ray7