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Biochemical Journal Young Investigator Award winner

Nicholas Machesky

Nicholas J. Machesky graduated from Ohio University with a BSc in Microbiology in 2002. While there, he studied the phylogeography of the freshwater red alga, Batrachospermum helminthosum, in the laboratory of Morgan Vis-Chiasson, PhD. Nick also worked as a quality control assistant for Diagnostic Hybrids Inc., a company specializing in genetically engineered cell lines for diagnostic use. He then began work as a graduate research assistant at the Ohio State University in the lab of Louis Mansky, Ph.D., studying the assembly and release of human T-cell leukaemia virus. Currently, Nick is pursuing his PhD at the Ohio State University mentored by James R. Van Brocklyn, PhD, where he is studying the role of CMV infection and regulation of sphingosine kinase activity in gliomas.