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as at 31 October 2014

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31 October 2014

Circular trimers of gelatinase B/ matrix metalloproteinase-9 constitute a distinct population of functional enzyme molecules differentially regulated by tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1
Jennifer Vandooren, Benjamin Born, Inna Solomonov, Ewa Zajac, Radka Saldova, Michael Senske, Estefanía Ugarte-Berzal, Erik Martens, Philippe E. Van den Steen, Jo Van Damme, Angeles García-Pardo, Matheus Froeyen, Elena I. Deryugina, James P. Quigley, Søren K Moestrup, Pauline M. Rudd, Irit Sagi and Ghislain Opdenakker

Vinculin-dependent actin bundling regulates cell migration and traction forces
Karry M Jannie, Shawn M. Ellerbroek, Dennis W. Zhou, Sophia Chen, David J. Crompton, Andres J Garcia and Kris A. DeMali

29 October 2014

Eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase regulates the cold stress response by slowing translation elongation
John RP Knight, Amandine Bastide, Anne Roobol, Jo Roobol, Thomas John Jackson, Wahyu Utami, David A Barrett, C Mark Smales and A E Willis

The author has paid for access to this article to be freely available The clinically-approved drugs Dasatinib and Bosutinib induce anti-inflammatory macrophages by inhibiting the Salt-Inducible Kinases
James Ozanne, Alan R Prescott and Kristopher Clark

28 October 2014

Protein intrinsic disorder in Arabidopsis NAC transcription factors: Transcriptional activation by ANAC013 and ANAC046 and their interactions with Radical Induced Cell Death1
Charlotte O'Shea, Mikael Kryger, Emil G.P. Stender, Birthe B. Kragelund, Martin Willemoës and Karen Skriver

23 October 2014

Exchange Protein Directly Activated by cAMP (EPAC1) Modulates Regulatory T Cell-Mediated Immune Suppression
Muayad Almahariq, Fang Mei, Hui Wang, Anthony T. Cao, Suxia Yao, Lynn Soong, Jiaren Sun, Yingzi Cong, Ju Chen and Xiaodong Cheng

22 October 2014

Accelerated Publication
Late stages of the synchronized macrophage fusion in osteoclast formation depend on dynamin
Santosh K Verma, Evgenia Leikina, Kamran Melikov and Leonid V Chernomordik

21 October 2014

Accelerated Publication
Disruption of integrin−fibronectin complexes by allosteric but not ligand-mimetic inhibitors
A Paul Mould, Susan E Craig, Sarah K Byron, Martin J Humphries and Thomas A Jowitt

Identification of peptides in human Hsp20 and Hsp27 that possess molecular chaperone and anti-apoptotic activities
Rooban B Nahomi, Michael A DiMauro, Benlian Wang and Ram H Nagaraj

Structural Determinants of Host Specificity of Complement Factor H Recruitment by Streptococcus pneumoniae
David Achila, Aizhuo Liu, Rahul Banerjee, Yue Li, Erik Martinez-Hackert, Jing-Ren Zhang and Honggao Yan

A cholesterol consensus motif is required for efficient intracellular transport and raft association of a group 2 HA of influenza virus
Maren De Vries, Andreas Herrmann and Michael Veit

20 October 2014

p58(IPK) is an Inhibitor of the eIF2α Kinase GCN2 and its Localisation and Expression Underpin Protein Synthesis and ER Processing Capacity
Anne Roobol, Jo Roobol, Amandine Bastide, John RP Knight, Anne E Willis and C Mark Smales

Cytoglobin ligand binding regulated by changing haem-coordination in response to intramolecular disulfide bond formation and lipid interaction
Penny Beckerson, Michael T Wilson, Dimitri A Svistunenko and Brandon J Reeder

15 October 2014

miR-29b Modulates Intestinal Epithelium Homeostasis by Repressing Menin Translation
Miao Ouyang, Weijie Su, Lan Xiao, Jaladanki N Rao, Liping Jiang, Yanwu Li, Douglas J. Turner, Myriam Gorospe and Jian-Ying Wang

Revisiting the Roco G protein cycle
Susanne Terheyden, Franz Y Ho, Bernd Karl Gilsbach, Alfred Wittinghofer and Arjan Kortholt

13 October 2014

Osteopontin mediates mineralization and not osteogenic cell development in vitro
Erik Holm, Jared S Gleberzon, Yinyin Liao, Esben S Sørensen, Frank Beier, Graeme K Hunter and Harvey A Goldberg

9 October 2014

Trace analysis of methylated and hydroxymethylated cytosines in DNA by isotope-dilution LC-MS/MS: first evidence of DNA methylation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Chiung-Wen Hu, Jian-Lian Chen, Yu-Wen Hsu, Cheng-Chieh Yen and Mu-Rong Chao

The architecture of an Okazaki fragment-processing holoenzyme from the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus
Giuseppe Cannone, Yuli Xu, Thomas R. Beattie, Stephen D Bell and Laura Spagnolo

7 October 2014

Neutral Sphingomyelinase-2 is a Redox Sensitive Enzyme:Role of Catalytic Cysteine Residues in Regulation of Enzymatic Activity through Changes in Oligomeric State
P. Patrick Dotson II, Alexander A. Karakashian and Mariana N. Nikolova-Karakashian

Missing-in-Metastasis regulates cell motility and invasion via PTPδ-mediated changes in SRC activity
Fauzia Chaudhary, Robert Lucito and Nicholas K Tonks

Modification by covalent reaction or oxidation of cysteine residues in the tandem-SH2 domains of ZAP-70 and Syk can block phosphopeptide binding
Patrick R Visperas, Jonathan A Winger, Timothy M Horton, Neel H Shah, Diane J Aum, Alyssa Tao, Tiago Barros, Qingrong Yan, Chistopher G Wilson, Michelle R Arkin, Arthur Weiss and John Kuriyan

6 October 2014

Mouse aldehyde dehydrogenase ALDH3B2 is localized to lipid droplets via two C-terminal tryptophan residues and lipid modification
Takuya Kitamura, Shuyu Takagi, Tatsuro Naganuma and Akio Kihara

3 October 2014

Structural requirements for the collagenase and elastase activity of cathepsin K and its selective inhibition by an exosite inhibitor
Vidhu Sharma, Preety Panwar, Anthony J O'Donoghue, Haoran Cui, Rafael V. C. Guido, Charles S. Craik and Dieter Bromme

Solution structures and dynamics of ADF/cofilins UNC-60A and UNC-60B from Caenorhabditis elegans
Vaibhav Kumar Shukla, Ashish Kabra, Diva Maheshwari, Rahul Yadav, Anupam Jain, Sarita Tripathi, Shoichiro Ono, Dinesh Kumar and Ashish Arora

Bioenergetic differences between MCF-7 and T47D breast cancer cells and their regulation by estradiol and tamoxifen
Brandie N Radde, Margarita M Ivanova, Huy Xuan Mai, Joshua K Salabei, Bradford G Hill and Carolyn M Klinge

2 October 2014

Structure-based design and functional studies of novel noroviral 3C protease chimaeras offer insights into substrate specificity
Morgan R. Herod, Cynthia A. Prince, Rachel J. Skilton, Vernon K. Ward, Jonathan B. Cooper and Ian N. Clarke

1 October 2014

The SARS-coronavirus membrane protein induces apoptosis via interfering with PDK1–PKB/Akt signalling
Ho Tsoi, Li Li, Zhefan S Chen, Kwok-Fai Lau, Stephen Kwok-Wing Tsui and Ho-Yin Edwin Chan

Inpp5e increases the Rab5 association and phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate accumulation at the phagosome through an interaction with Rab20
Tomohiro Segawa, Kaoru Hazeki, Kiyomi Nigorikawa, Shin Morioka, Ying Guo, Shunsuke Takasuga, Ken Asanuma and Osamu Hazeki

The disease-associated mutation of the mitochondrial thiol oxidase Erv1 impairs cofactor binding during its catalytic reaction
Efrain Ceh-Pavia, Swee Kim Ang, Michael P Spiller and Hui Lu

30 September 2014

DNA polymerase η is regulated by poly(rC)-binding protein 1 via mRNA stability
Cong Ren, Seong-Jun Cho, Yong-Sam Jung and Xinbin Chen

Aminoacetone oxidase from Streptococcus oligofermentans belongs to a new three-domain family of bacterial flavoproteins
Gianluca Molla, Marco Nardini, Paolo Motta, Paola D’Arrigo, Walter Panzeri and Loredano Pollegioni

25 September 2014

Identification of NOX2 regions for normal biosynthesis of cytochrome b558 in phagocytes highlighting essential residues for p22phox binding
Sylvain Beaumel, Didier Grunwald, Franck Fieschi and Marie José Stasia

A protein kinase screen of Neurospora crassa mutant strains reveals that the SNF1 protein kinase promotes glycogen synthase phosphorylation
Thiago De Souza Candido, Rodrigo Duarte Gonçalves, Ana Paula Felicio, Fernanda Zanolli Freitas, Fernanda Barbosa Cupertino, Ana Carolina Gomes Vieira De Carvalho and Maria Celia Bertolini

24 September 2014

The author has paid for access to this article to be freely available A context-independent N-glycan signal targets the misfolded extracellular domain of Arabidopsis STRUBBELIG to endoplasmic-reticulum-associated degradation
Silvia Hüttner, Christiane Veit, Ulrike Vavra, Jennifer Schoberer, Martina Dicker, Daniel Maresch, Friedrich Altmann and Richard Strasser

23 September 2014

Structural characterization of spinach ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase activase isoforms reveals hexameric assemblies with increased thermal stability
Jeremy R Keown and Frederick Grant Pearce

Identification of amino acid determinants in CYP4B1 for optimal catalytic processing of 4-ipomeanol
Constanze Wiek, Eva Maria Schmidt, Katharina Röllecke, Marcel Freund, Mariko Nakano, Edward J Kelly, Wolfgang Kaisers, Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy, Christof M Kramm, Allan E Rettie and Helmut Hanenberg

22 September 2014

Comparisons of subunit 5A and 5B isoenzymes of yeast cytochrome c oxidase
Raksha Dodia, Brigitte Meunier, Christopher W.M. Kay and Peter R Rich

19 September 2014

Sulphonylurea receptors regulate the channel pore in ATP-sensitive potassium channels via an intersubunit salt bridge
David Lodwick, Richard D Rainbow, Hussein N Rubaiy, Mohammed Al Johi, Geerten W Vuister and Robert I Norman

Cytochrome P450 system proteins reside in different regions of the endoplasmic reticulum
Ji Won Park, James Robert Reed, Lauren M Brignac-Huber and Wayne L. Backes

16 September 2014

Unlocked nucleic acids: implications of increased conformational flexibility for RNA/DNA triplex formation
Weronika Kotkowiak, Michał Kotkowiak, Ryszard Kierzek and Anna Pasternak

15 September 2014

Hepatic serum- and glucocorticoid-regulated protein kinase 1 (SGK1) regulates insulin sensitivity in mice via extracellular-signal-regulated kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2)
Hao Liu, Junjie Yu, Tingting Xia, Yuzhong Xiao, Qian Zhang, Bin Liu, Yajie Guo, Jiali Deng, Yalan Deng, Shanghai Chen, Aniko Naray Fejes-Toth, Geza Fejes-Toth and Feifan Guo

Targeting metallo-carbapenemases via modulation of electronic properties of cephalosporins
Hao Yang, Heather Young, Sophia Yu, Larry Sutton and Michael W. Crowder

Arp2/3 complex regulates adipogenesis by controlling cortical actin remodelling
Wulin Yang, Shermaine Thein, Chun-Yan Lim, Russell E Ericksen, Shigeki Sugii, Feng Xu, Robert C. Robinson, Jae Bum Kim and Weiping Han

A novel fluorescent sensor protein for detecting changes in airway surface liquid glucose concentration
Nordine Helassa, James P Garnett, Matthew Farrant, Faaizah Khan, John C Pickup, Klaus M Hahn, Christopher J MacNevin, Robert Tarran and Deborah L Baines

9 September 2014

Molecular inscription of environmental information into protein suprastructures: temperature effects on unit assembly of α-synuclein oligomers into polymorphic amyloid fibrils
Ghibom Bhak, Junghee Lee, Tae-Hwan Kim, Soonkoo Lee, Daekyun Lee and Seung R Paik

5 September 2014

Doc2b serves as a scaffolding platform for concurrent binding of multiple Munc18 isoforms in pancreatic islet β-cells
Latha Ramalingam, Jingping Lu, Andy Hudmon and Debbie C. Thurmond

4 September 2014

The author has paid for access to this article to be freely available The crystal structure of the RhoA–AKAP-Lbc DH–PH domain complex
Kamal R Abdul Azeez, Stefan Knapp, João M. P. Fernandes, Enno Klussmann and Jonathan M Elkins

3 September 2014

[NiFe]-hydrogenase maturation in vitro: analysis of the roles of the HybG and HypD accessory proteins
Basem Soboh, Ute Lindenstrauss, Claudia Granich, Mahwish Javed, Martin Herzberg, Claudia Thomas and Sven T. Stripp

28 August 2014

Proton-associated sucrose transport of mammalian solute carrier family 45: an analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Rabea Bartölke, Jürgen J Heinisch, Helmut Wieczorek and Olga Vitavska

27 August 2014

Testosterone increases renal anti-aging klotho gene expression via the androgen receptor-mediated pathway
Shih-che Hsu, Shih-Ming Huang, Shih-Hua Lin, Shuk-Man Ka, Ann Chen, Meng-Fu Shih and Yu-Juei Hsu

29 September 2008

Curcumin, a dietary polyphenol, emerges as a novel inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania donovani
Rakhee Das, Amit Roy, Agneyo Ganguly, Neeta Datta and Hemanta K Majumder