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as at 22 August 2014

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21 August 2014

Specific aromatic foldamers potently inhibit spontaneous and seeded Aβ42 and Aβ43 fibril assembly.
Katelyn M Seither, Heather A McMahon, Nikita Singh, Hejia Wang, Mimi Cushman-Nick, Geronda L Montalvo, William F DeGrado and James Shorter

20 August 2014

CYP-13A12 of the nematode C. elegans is a PUFA-epoxygenase involved in behavioural response to reoxygenation
Julia Keller, Alexandra Ellieva, Dengke K. Ma, Jingjuan Ju, Erik Nehk, Anne Konkel, John R. Falck, Wolf-Hagen Schunck and Ralph Menzel

19 August 2014

Crystal structure of the mouse interleukin-3 β-receptor: insights into interleukin‑3 binding and receptor activation
Paul D Carr, Cameron L Ewens, Jin Dai, David L Ollis, James M Murphy, Colin J Jackson and Ian G Young

18 August 2014

TRPC1 contributes to the Ca2+-dependent regulation of adenylyl cyclases
Debbie Willoughby, Hwei Ling Ong, Lorena Brito de Souza, Sebastian Wachten, Indu S. Ambudkar and Dermot M.F. Cooper

14 August 2014

A new tumor suppression mechanism by p27Kip1: EGFR down-regulation mediated by JNK/c-Jun pathway inhibition
Yong Fang, Yihong Wang, Yulei Wang, Yan Meng, Junlan Zhu, Honglei Jin, Jingxia Li, Dongyun Zhang, Yonghui Yu, Xue-Ru Wu and Chuanshu Huang

Investigating the contribution of the active site environment to the slow reaction of hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase domain 2 with oxygen
Hanna Tarhonskaya, Rasheduzzaman Chowdhury, Ivanhoe K. H. Leung, Nikita D. Loik, James S. O. McCullagh, Tim D.W. Claridge, Christopher J. Schofield and Emily Flashman

7 August 2014

A new calmodulin binding motif for inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase regulation
Elsa Franco-Echevarria, José Ignacio Baños-Sanz, Begoña Monterroso, Adam Round, Julia Sanz-Aparicio and Beatriz Gonzalez

Structural and binding studies of peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa provide a platform for the structure based inhibitor design against peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase
Avinash Singh, Ashok Kumar, Lovely Gautam, Pradeep Sharma, Mau Sinha, Asha Bhushan, Punit Kaur, Sujata Sharma, Ashish Arora and Tej P Singh

6 August 2014

Structures of lipoyl synthase reveal a compact active site for controlling sequential sulfur insertion reactions
Jenny E. Harmer, Martyn J. Hiscox, Pedro C. Dinis, Stephen J. Fox, Andreas Iliopoulos, James E. Hussey, James Sandy, Florian T. Van Beek, Jonathan W. Essex and Peter L. Roach

5 August 2014

A Novel Method for Non-Transferrin-Bound Iron Quantification by Chelatable Fluorescent Beads Based on Flow Cytometry
Yongmin Ma, Maria Podinovskaia, Patricia J Evans, Giovanni Emma, Ulrich E Schaible, John Porter and Robert C Hider

4 August 2014

Why are the 2-oxoacid dehydrogenase complexes so large? Generation of an active trimeric complex.
Nia L Marrott, Jacqueline J.T. Marshall, Dmitri I Svergun, Susan J Crennell, David W. Hough, Jean M.H. van den Elsen and Michael John Danson

STIM1 regulates TRPC6 heteromultimerization and subcellular location
Letizia Albarran, Natalia Dionisio, Esther Lopez, Gines M Salido, Pedro C Redondo and Juan A. Rosado

Dynamitin Impacts Cell Surface Expression of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.5
Benoît Chatin, Pauline Colombier, Anne Laure Gamblin, Marie Allouis and Françoise Le Bouffant

1 August 2014

Serine/threonine kinase 16 and MAL2 regulate constitutive secretion of soluble cargo in hepatic cells
Julie G. In, Anneliese C. Striz, Antonio Bernad and Pamela L. Tuma

PI4KIIα phosphorylation by GSK3 directs vesicular trafficking to lysosomes
James W Robinson, Iryna Leshchyns'ka, Hovik Farghaian, William E Hughes, Vladimir Sytnyk, Graham G Neely and Adam R Cole

30 July 2014

New insights into the functions of PIGF, a protein involved in the ethanolamine phosphate transfer steps of glycosylphosphatidylinositol biosynthesis
Matthew J Stokes, Yoshiko Murakami, Yusuke Maeda, Taroh Kinoshita and Yasu S Morita

29 July 2014

Fingerprinting of hydroxyl radical-attacked polysaccharides by N-isopropyl 2-aminoacridone labelling
Robert A.m. Vreeburg, Othman B. Airianah and Stephen C. Fry

25 July 2014

Ribosomal protein S19 binding domain provides insights into hantavirus nucleocapsid protein-mediated translation initiation mechanism.
Safder S Ganaie, Absarul Haque, Erdong Cheng, Tania S Bonny, Nilshad N Salim and Mohammad A Mir

Selective induction and subcellular distribution of ACONITASE 3 reveal the importance of cytosolic citrate metabolism during lipid mobilization in Arabidopsis
Mark A Hooks, J William Allwood, Joanna KD Harrison, Joachim Kopka, Alexander Erban, Royston Goodacre and Janneke Balk

24 July 2014

Structural and functional features of Crl proteins and identification of conserved surface residues required for interaction with the RpoS/σS subunit of RNA polymerase
Paola Cavaliere, Fabienne Levi-Acobas, Claudine Mayer, Frederick A Saul, Patrick England, Patrick Weber, Bertrand Raynal, Véronique Monteil, Jacques Bellalou, Ahmed Haouz and Françoise Norel

23 July 2014

The specificity of Av3 sea anemone toxin for arthropods is determined at linker DI/SS2–S6 in the pore module of target sodium channels
Maya Gur Barzilai, Roy Kahn, Noa Regev, Dalia Gordon, Yehu Moran and Michael Gurevitz

FGF21 expression and release in muscle cells: involvement of MyoD and regulation by mitochondria-driven signalling
Francesc Ribas, Joan Villarroya, Elayne Hondares, Marta Giralt and Francesc Villarroya

22 July 2014

Enantioselective microbial synthesis of the indigenous natural product (-)-α-bisabolol by a sesquiterpene synthase from chamomile (Matricaria recutita)
Young-Jin Son, Moonhyuk Kwon, Dae-Kyun Ro and Soo-Un Kim

21 July 2014

Plant-driven repurposing of the ancient S-adenosylmethionine repair enzyme homocysteine S-methyltransferase
Louis M T Bradbury, Michael J Ziemak, Mona Elbadawi-Sidhu, Oliver Fiehn and Andrew D Hanson

Pdx1 and USF transcription factors coordinately regulate Alx3 gene expression in pancreatic β cells
Antonio Fernández-Pérez and Mario Vallejo

17 July 2014

Conserved structure and domain organization among bacterial Slc26 transporters
Emma LR Compton, Kimberly Page, Heather E Findlay, Michael Haertlein, Martine Moulin, Ulrich Zachariae, David G Norman, Frank Gabel and Arnaud Javelle

16 July 2014

The small GTPase Rap1 promotes cell movement rather than stabilizes adhesion in epithelial cells responding to insulin-like growth factor I
Marina A Guvakova, William S.Y. Lee, Dana K Furstenau, Indira Prabakaran, David C. Li, Rupert Hung and Natasha Kushnir

14 July 2014

Influence of association state and DNA binding on the O2-reactivity of [4Fe-4S] fumarate and nitrate reduction (FNR) regulator
Jason C. Crack, Melanie R. Stapleton, Jeffrey Green, Andrew J. Thomson and Nick E. Le Brun

Effects of metformin and other biguanides on oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria
Hannah R Bridges, Andrew J Y Jones, Michael N Pollak and Judy Hirst

11 July 2014

Salvage of the thiamin pyrimidine moiety by plant TenA proteins lacking an active-site cysteine
Rémi Zallot, Mohammad Yazdani, Aymeric Goyer, Michael J Ziemak, Jiahn-Chou Guan, Donald R McCarty, Valerie de Crecy-Lagard, Svetlana Gerdes, Timothy J. Garrett, Jordi Benach, John F Hunt, David K Shintani and Andrew D Hanson

A small molecule that induces reactive oxygen species via cellular glutathione depletion
Tatsuro Kawamura, Yasumitsu Kondoh, Makoto Muroi, Makoto Kawatani and Hiroyuki Osada

DNA-PKcs-interacting protein KIP binding to TRF2 is required for the maintenance of functional telomeres
Prabhat Khadka, Ji Hoon Lee, Seung Han Baek, Sue Young Oh and In Kwon Chung

9 July 2014

hnRNP K in PU.1-containing complexes recruited at the CD11b promoter: a distinct role in modulating granulocytic and monocytic differentiation of AML-derived cells
Ervin Nika, Federica Brugnoli, Manuela Piazzi, Elisabetta Lambertini, Silvia Grassilli, Alberto Bavelloni, Roberta Piva, Silvano Capitani and Valeria Bertagnolo

8 July 2014

Histamine-induced Ca2+ signalling is mediated by TRPM4 channels in human adipose-derived stem cells
Tran Doan Ngoc Tran, Olga Zolochevska, Marxa L. Figueiredo, Hai Wang, Li-Jun Yang, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Shaomian Yao and Henrique Cheng

7 July 2014

Prion-induced and spontaneous formation of transmissible toxicity in PrP transgenic Drosophila
Alana M Thackray, Ying Di, Chang Zhang, Hanna Wolf, Lydia Pradl, Ina Vorberg, Olivier Andréoletti and Raymond Bujdoso

Osteopontin O-glycosylation contributes to its phosphorylation and cell-adhesion properties
Yoshinobu Kariya, Mayumi Kanno, Kana Matsumoto-Morita, Midori Konno, Yoshiki Yamaguchi and Yasuhiro Hashimoto

4 July 2014

Kinetics of promoter escape by bacterial RNA polymerase: effects of promoter contacts and transcription bubble collapse
Je Ko and Tomasz Heyduk

cAMP ameliorates inflammation by modulation of macrophage receptor for advanced glycation end-products
So Motoyoshi, Yasuhiko Yamamoto, Seiichi Munesue, Hirobumi Igawa, Ai Harashima, Hidehito Saito, Dong Han, Takuo Watanabe, Hiroshi Sato and Hiroshi Yamamoto

3 July 2014

Cul4A-DDB1-Rbx1 E3 ligase controls the quality of the PTS2 receptor, Pex7p
Yasuhiro Miyauchi-Nanri, Satoru Mukai, Kosuke Kuroda and Yukio Fujiki

2 July 2014

A systematic analysis reveals an essential role for high-affinity iron uptake system, haemolysin and CFEM domain-containing protein in iron homoeostasis and virulence in Candida glabrata
Vivek Kumar Srivastava, Korivi Jyothiraj Suneetha and Rupinder Kaur

Trypanosoma brucei eflornithine transporter AAT6 is a low-affinity low-selective transporter for neutral amino acids
Christoph Mathieu, Amaia González Salgado, Corina Wirdnam, Stefan Meier, Marianne Suter Grotemeyer, Ehud Inbar, Pascal Mäser, Dan Zilberstein, Erwin Sigel, Peter Bütikofer and Doris Rentsch

1 July 2014

Molecular evolution of the substrate specificity of ent-kaurene synthases to adapt to gibberellin biosynthesis in land plants
Manami Shimane, Yohei Ueno, Keiko Morisaki, Shingo Oogami, Masahiro Natsume, Ken-ichiro Hayashi, Hiroshi Nozaki and Hiroshi Kawaide

Amyloid β-peptide-dependent activation of human platelets: essential role of Ca2+ and ADP in aggregation and thrombus formation
Ilaria Canobbio, Gianni Francesco Guidetti, Barbara Oliviero, Daria Manganaro, Dina Vara, Mauro Torti and Giordano Pula

27 June 2014

Crystal structures and functional studies clarify substrate selectivity and catalytic residues for the unique orphan enzyme N-acetyl-D-mannosamine dehydrogenase
Agustín Sola-Carvajal, Fernando Gil-Ortiz, Francisco García-Carmona, Vicente Rubio and Alvaro Sánchez-Ferrer

Incorporating covalent and allosteric effects into rate equations: the case of muscle glycogen synthase
Daniel C. Palm, Johann M. Rohwer and Jan-Hendrik S. Hofmeyr

Novel high-throughput screen identifies an HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitor with a unique mechanism of action
Chih-Wei Sheen, Onur Alpturk and Nicolas Sluis-Cremer

24 June 2014

The consensus-based approach for gene/enzyme replacement therapies and crystallization strategies: the case of human alanine–glyoxylate aminotransferase
Noel Mesa-Torres, Cristina Yunta, Israel Fabelo-Rosa, Juana M. Gonzalez-Rubio, Jose M Sanchez-Ruiz, Eduardo Salido, Armando Albert and Angel L. Pey

Insights into substrate binding and catalysis in bacterial type I dehydroquinase
María Maneiro, Antonio Peón, Emilio Lence, José M. Otero, Mark J. Van Raaij, Paul Thompson, Alastair R. Hawkins and Concepción González-Bello

20 June 2014

Structural insights into yeast histone chaperone Hif1: a scaffold protein recruiting protein complexes to core histones
Hejun Liu, Mengying Zhang, Wei He, Zhongliang Zhu, Maikun Teng, Yongxiang Gao and Liwen Niu

Structural and functional characterization of ochratoxinase, a novel mycotoxin-degrading enzyme
Doreen Dobritzsch, Huaming Wang, Gunter Schneider and Shukun Yu

DJ-1 interacts with RACK1 and protects neurons from oxidative-stress-induced apoptosis
Jun Ma, Rong Wu, Qiang Zhang, Junbing Wu, Jizhong Lou, Zheng Zheng, Jian-qing Ding and Zengqiang Yuan

Regulation of PKA activity by an autophosphorylation mechanism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Clara Andrea Solari, Vanesa Tudisca, Marcelo Pugliessi, Alejandro Daniel Nadra, Silvia Moreno and Paula Portela

A single element in the 3’ UTR of the apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter controls both stabilization and destabilization of mRNA
Dellys M Soler, Ayantika Ghosh, Frank Chen and Benjamin L Shneider

19 June 2014

Elucidation of the preferred routes of C8-vinyl reduction in chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll biosynthesis
Daniel P. Canniffe, Jack W. Chidgey and C Neil Hunter

Structures of bacterial kynurenine formamidase reveal a crowded binuclear zinc catalytic site primed to generate a potent nucleophile
Laura Diaz Saez, Velupillai Srikannathasan, Martin Zoltner and William N Hunter

18 June 2014

The neurotoxicity of 5-S-cysteinyldopamine is mediated by the early activation of ERK1/2 followed by the subsequent activation of ASK1/JNK1/2 pro-apoptotic signalling
David Vauzour, John T. Pinto, Arthur J. L. Cooper and Jeremy P.E. Spencer

12 June 2014

Ca2+ switches the effect of PS-containing membranes on Factor Xa from activating to inhibiting: implications for initiation of blood coagulation
Tilen Koklic, Rinku Majumder and Barry R Lentz

4 June 2014

Selenoprotein S is involved in maintenance and transport of multiprotein complexes
Anton A Turanov, Valentina A Shchedrina, Robert A Everley, Alexei V Lobanov, Sun Hee Yim, Stefano M Marino, Steven P Gygi, Dolph L Hatfield and Vadim N Gladyshev

29 September 2008

Curcumin, a dietary polyphenol, emerges as a novel inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania donovani
Rakhee Das, Amit Roy, Agneyo Ganguly, Neeta Datta and Hemanta K Majumder