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22 December 2014

Conserved Proline-Directed Phosphorylation Regulates SR Protein Conformation and Splicing Function
Malik M Keshwani, Brandon E. Aubol, Laurent Fattet, Chen-ting Ma, Jinsong Qiu, Patricia A. Jennings, Xiang-Dong Fu and Joseph A. Adams

17 December 2014

The insulinotropic effect of insulin-like peptide 5 in vitro and in vivo
Xiao Luo, Ting Li, Yue Zhu, Yun-bin Dai, Jian-wei Zhao, Zhan-Yun Guo and Ming-Wei Wang

16 December 2014

Unraveling the pivotal role of ALIX in MVB sorting and silencing of activated EGFR
Sheng Sun, Xi Zhou, Wei Zhang, Gary E. Gallick and Jian Kuang

The solution structure of the MANEC-type domain from Hepatocyte Growth Factor Activator Inhibitor 1 reveals an unexpected PAN/apple domain-type fold.
Zebin Hong, Michal Nowakowski, Chris Spronk, Steen V Petersen, Peter A Andreasen, Wiktor Koźmiński, Frans A.A. Mulder and Jan K. Jensen

Differential calcium handling by the cis and trans regions of the Golgi apparatus
Francisco J Aulestia, Maria Teresa Alonso and Javier Garcia-Sancho

FoxO1 negatively regulates leptin-induced POMC transcription through its direct interaction with STAT3
Wei Ma, Gloria Fuentes, Xiaohe Shi, Chandra S Verma, George K. Radda and Weiping Han

15 December 2014

The sigma 1 receptors are present in monomeric and oligomeric forms in living cells in the presence and absence of ligands
Ashish K Mishra, Timur A Mavlyutov, Deo R Singh, Gabriel Biener, Jay Yang, Julie A Oliver, Arnold E Ruoho and Valerică Raicu

12 December 2014

Accelerated Publication
Trehalose-6-phosphate synthase 1 is not the only active TPS in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ines Delorge, Carlos M Figueroa, Regina Feil, John E Lunn and Patrick Van Dijck

11 December 2014

The regulatory role of Streptomyces coelicolor TamR in central metabolism
Hao Huang, Smitha Sivapragasam and Anne Grove

The function of phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase γ(PI5P4Kγ) explored using a specific inhibitor that targets the PI5P binding site.
Jonathan H Clarke, Maria Luisa Giudici, John E Burke, Roger L Williams, David J Maloney, Juan J Marugan and Robin F Irvine

TARP γ-8 glycosylation regulates the surface expression of AMPA receptors
Chan-Ying Zheng, Kai Chang, Young Ho Suh and Katherine W. Roche

Catalytic surface radical in dye-decolorizing peroxidase: a computational, spectroscopic and site-directed mutagenesis study
Dolores Linde, Rebecca Pogni, Marina Canellas, Fatima Lucas, Victor Guallar, Maria Camilla Baratto, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Verónica Sáez-jiménez, Cristina Coscolin, Antonio Romero, Francisco Javier Medrano, Francisco J. Ruiz-Dueñas and Angel T. Martinez

9 December 2014

Ubiquitin-C-terminal hydrolases cleave isopeptide and peptide-linked ubiquitin from structured proteins but do not edit ubiquitin homopolymers
John S Bett, Maria Stella Ritorto, Richard Ewan, Ellis G Jaffray, Satpal Virdee, Jason W Chin, Axel Knebel, Thimo Kurz, Matthias Trost, Michael H Tatham and Ronald T. Hay

8 December 2014

Kinetic Characterization of a Cocaine Hydrolase Engineered from Mouse Butyrylcholinesterase
Xiabin Chen, Xiaoqin Huang, Liyi Geng, Liu Xue, Shurong Hou, Xirong Zheng, Stephen Brimijoin, Fang Zheng and Chang-Guo Zhan

Observed bromodomain flexibility reveals histone peptide- and small molecule ligand-compatible forms of ATAD2A.
Guillaume Poncet-Montange, Yanai Zhan, Jennifer P. Bardenhagen, Alessia Petrocchi, Elisabetta Leo, Xi Shi, Gilbert R. Lee IV, Paul G. Leonard, Mary K. Geck Do, Mario G. Cardozo, Jannik N. Andersen, Wylie S. Palmer, Philip Jones and John E Ladbury

Expression of different bacterial cytotoxins is controlled by two global transcription factors, CRP and Fis, that cooperate in a shared-recruitment mechanism.
Amanda E Rossiter, Rita E Godfrey, Jack A Connolly, Stephen J.W. Busby, Ian R Henderson and Douglas F Browning

4 December 2014

Molecular mechanism of G-quadruplex unwinding helicase: sequential and repetitive unfolding of G-quadruplex by Pif1 helicase
Xi-Miao Hou, Wen-Qiang Wu, Xiao-Lei Duan, Na-Nv Liu, Hai-Hong Li, Jing Fu, Shuo-Xing Dou, Ming Li and Xu-Guang Xi

Cu2+ accentuates distinct misfolding for Aβ(1-40) and Aβ(1-42) peptides, and potentiates membrane disruption
Christian J Matheou, Nadine D Younan and John H Viles

1 December 2014

Decreased adipogenesis and adipose tissue in mice with inactivated protein phosphatase 5
Wright Jacob, Doron Rosenzweig, Cristina Vázquez-Martin, Suzanne L Duce and Patricia T.W. Cohen

Identification of key binding site residues of MCT1 for AR-C155858 reveals the molecular basis of its isoform selectivity
Bethany Nancolas, Richard B. Sessions and Andrew P Halestrap

Gcn1 contacts the small ribosomal protein Rps10, which is required for full activation of the protein kinase Gcn2
Su Jung Lee, Mark J Swanson and Evelyn Sattlegger

28 November 2014

Transmembrane Oligomeric form of Vibrio cholerae Cytolysin Triggers TLR2/TLR6-dependent Pro-inflammatory Responses in Monocytes and Macrophages
Barkha Khilwani, Arunika Mukhopadhaya and Kausik Chattopadhyay

A directed-overflow and damage-control N-glycosidase in riboflavin biosynthesis
Océane Frelin, Lili Huang, Ghulam Hasnain, James G Jeffryes, Michael J Ziemak, James R Rocca, Bing Wang, Jennifer Rice, Sanja Roje, Svetlana N Yurgel, Jesse F. Gregory, Arthur S Edison, Christopher S Henry, Valerie de Crecy-Lagard and Andrew D Hanson

Raptor ablation in skeletal muscle decreases Cav1.1 expression and affects the function of the excitation-contraction coupling supramolecular complex
Rubén J Lopez, Barbara Mosca, Susan Treves, Marcin Maj, Leda Bergamelli, Juan C Calderon, C Florian Bentzinger, Klaas Romanino, Michael N. Hall, Markus A. Rüegg, Osvaldo Delbono, Carlo Caputo and Francesco Zorzato

27 November 2014

HBx induces the proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via AP1 overexpressed by ER stress
Hyun Kook Cho, So Young Kim, Yi Yi Kyaw, Aye Aye Win, Seung-Hoi Koo, Hyeong-Hoe Kim and JaeHun Cheong

25 November 2014

Bombyx mori prothoracicostatic peptide receptor is allosterically activated via a Gαi/o protein-biased signaling cascade by Drosophila sex peptide
Xiaobai He, Jiashu Zang, Huipeng Yang, Haishan Huang, Ying Shi, Chenggang Zhu and Naiming Zhou

Andrographolide activates the canonical Wnt signalling pathway by a mechanism that implicates the non-ATP competitive inhibition of GSK-3β: Auto regulation of GSK-3β in vivo
Cheril Tapia-Rojas, Andreas Schüller, Carolina B. Lindsay, Roxana C. Ureta, Cristóbal Mejías-Reyes, Juan Hancke, Francisco Melo and Nibaldo C. Inestrosa

Effects of N-glycosylation on hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated (HCN) channels
Mo Li, Lige Tonggu, Lan Tang and Liguo Wang

miR-98 delays skeletal muscle differentiation by downregulating E2F5
Jeremie Kropp, Cindy Degerny, Nadezda Morozova, Julien Pontis, Annick Harel-bellan and Anna Polesskaya

24 November 2014

Steatosis inhibits liver cell store-operated Ca2+ entry and reduces ER Ca2+ through a protein kinase C dependent mechanism
Claire H Wilson, Eunus S Ali, Nathan Scrimgeour, Alyce M Martin, Jin Hua, George A Tallis, Grigori Y Rychkov and Greg J Barritt

The eukaryotic elongation factor eEF1A1 interacts with SAMHD1
Catherine Morrissey, David Schwefel, Valerie Ennis-Adeniran, Ian A Taylor, Yanick J Crow and Michelle Webb

Inositol pyrophosphates regulate RNA polymerase I-mediated rRNA transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Swarna Gowri Thota, C.p. Unnikannan, Sitalakshmi R. Thampatty, R. Manorama and Rashna Bhandari

The dimeric crystal structure of the human fertility lipocalin glycodelin reveals a protein scaffold for the presentation of complex glycans
André Schiefner, Fabian Rodewald, Irmgard Neumaier and Arne Skerra

21 November 2014

Ubiquitination profiling identifies sensitivity factors for IAP antagonist treatment
Eugene Varfolomeev, Anita Izrael-Tomasevic, Kebing Yu, Daisy Bustos, Tatiana Goncharov, Lisa D Belmont, Alexandre Masselot, Corey E Bakalarski, Donald S Kirkpatrick and Domagoj Vucic

19 November 2014

nhr-176 regulates cyp-35d1 to control hydroxylation-dependent metabolism of thiabendazole in C. elegans
Laura Megan Jones, Anthony J Flemming and Peter Edward Urwin

A quantitative proteomics-based signature of platinum sensitivity in ovarian cancer cell lines
Gaofeng Fan, Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski, Cexiong Fu, Gang Su, Darryl J Pappin, Robert Lucito and Nicholas K Tonks

14 November 2014

Fe65 Ser228 is phosphorylated by ATM/ATR and inhibits Fe65–APP-mediated gene transcription
Paul A Jowsey and Peter G Blain

13 November 2014

Plasmodium falciparum mitochondria import tRNAs along with ­­­­an active phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase­­­­
Arvind Sharma and Amit Sharma

12 November 2014

Structure-dynamic determinants governing a mode of regulatory response and propagation of allosteric signal in splice variants of Na+/Ca2+ exchange (NCX) proteins
Moshe Giladi, Su Youn Lee, Reuben Hiller, Ka Young Chung and Daniel Khananshvili

11 November 2014

Characterization of excitation–contraction coupling components in human extraocular muscles
Marijana Sekulic-Jablanovic, Anja Palmowski-Wolfe, Francesco Zorzato and Susan Treves

C/EBP homologous protein (CHOP) contributes to hepatocyte death via the promotion of ERO1α signaling in acute liver failure
Jianhua Rao, Chuangyong Zhang, Ping Wang, Ling Lu, Xiaofeng Qian, Jianjie Qin, Xiongxiong Pan, Guoqiang Li, Xuehao Wang and Feng Zhang

Epithelial MUC1 promotes cell migration, reduces apoptosis and affects levels of mucosal modulators during acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) -induced gastropathy
Debashish Banerjee, Harvey Robert Fernandez, Pradeep Bhatu Patil, Pushpa Premaratne, Marianne Quiding-Järbrink and Sara Katarina Lindén

7 November 2014

New aspects of the structure and mode of action of the human cathelicidin LL-37 revealed by the intrinsic probe p-cyanophenylalanine
Daniela Xhindoli, Francesca Morgera, Ursula Zinth, Roberto Rizzo, Sabrina Pacor and Alessandro Tossi

Application of a novel regulatable Cre recombinase system to define the role of liver and gut metabolism in drug oral bioavailability
Colin J Henderson, Lesley A McLaughlin, Maria Osuna-Cabello, Malcolm Taylor, Ian Gilbert, Aileen W McLaren and C Roland Wolf

Calcium/Ask1/MKK7/JNK2/c-Src signalling cascade mediates disruption of intestinal epithelial tight junctions by dextran sulfate sodium
Geetha Samak, Kamaljit K Chaudhry, Ruchika Gangwar, Damodaran Narayanan, Jonathan H Jaggar and Radha Krishna Rao

Gremlin1 preferentially binds to bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) and BMP-4 over BMP-7
Rachel H Church, Arjun Krishnakumar, Annika Urbanek, Stefan Geschwindner, Julie Meneely, Alessandro Bianchi, Barbro Basta, Sean Monaghan, Christopher Elliott, Maria Stromstedt, Neil Ferguson, Finian Martin and Derek P Brazil

5 November 2014

The role of Ca2+ influx in endocytic vacuole formation in pancreatic acinar cells
Svetlana Voronina, David Collier, Michael Chvanov, Ben Middlehurst, Alison J Beckett, Ian A. Prior, David N Criddle, Malcolm Begg, Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, Robert Sutton and Alexei V Tepikin

Identification of Leishmania donovani peroxin 14 residues required for binding the peroxin 5 receptor proteins
Hamed Hojjat and Armando Jardim

4 November 2014

AP2 suppresses osteoblast differentiation and mineralization through down-regulation of Frizzled-1
Shibing Yu, Laura M Yerges-Armstrong, Yanxia Chu, Joseph M Zmuda and Yingze Zhang

The structural basis of DNA binding by the single-stranded DNA-binding protein from Sulfolobus solfataricus
Roland Gamsjaeger, Ruvini Kariawasam, Adrian X Gimenez, Christine Touma, Elysse McIlwain, Ray E Bernardo, Nicholas E Shepherd, Sandro F Ataide, Qihan Dong, Derek J Richard, Malcolm F White and Liza Cubeddu

3 November 2014

Two-step mechanism involving active-site conformational changes regulates human telomerase DNA binding
Christopher G. Tomlinson, Aaron L Moye, Jessica K Holien, Michael W Parker, Scott B Cohen and Tracy M Bryan

31 October 2014

Circular trimers of gelatinase B/ matrix metalloproteinase-9 constitute a distinct population of functional enzyme molecules differentially regulated by tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1
Jennifer Vandooren, Benjamin Born, Inna Solomonov, Ewa Zajac, Radka Saldova, Michael Senske, Estefanía Ugarte-Berzal, Erik Martens, Philippe E. Van den Steen, Jo Van Damme, Angeles García-Pardo, Matheus Froeyen, Elena I. Deryugina, James P. Quigley, Søren K Moestrup, Pauline M. Rudd, Irit Sagi and Ghislain Opdenakker

Vinculin-dependent actin bundling regulates cell migration and traction forces
Karry M Jannie, Shawn M. Ellerbroek, Dennis W. Zhou, Sophia Chen, David J. Crompton, Andres J Garcia and Kris A. DeMali

29 October 2014

Eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase regulates the cold stress response by slowing translation elongation
John RP Knight, Amandine Bastide, Anne Roobol, Jo Roobol, Thomas John Jackson, Wahyu Utami, David A Barrett, C Mark Smales and A E Willis

The author has paid for access to this article to be freely available The clinically approved drugs dasatinib and bosutinib induce anti-inflammatory macrophages by inhibiting the salt-inducible kinases
James Ozanne, Alan R Prescott and Kristopher Clark

28 October 2014

Protein intrinsic disorder in Arabidopsis NAC transcription factors: transcriptional activation by ANAC013 and ANAC046 and their interactions with radical induced cell death1
Charlotte O'Shea, Mikael Kryger, Emil G.P. Stender, Birthe B. Kragelund, Martin Willemoës and Karen Skriver

23 October 2014

Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP (EPAC1) modulates regulatory T-cell-mediated immune suppression
Muayad Almahariq, Fang Mei, Hui Wang, Anthony T. Cao, Suxia Yao, Lynn Soong, Jiaren Sun, Yingzi Cong, Ju Chen and Xiaodong Cheng

21 October 2014

Structural determinants of host specificity of complement Factor H recruitment by Streptococcus pneumoniae
David Achila, Aizhuo Liu, Rahul Banerjee, Yue Li, Erik Martinez-Hackert, Jing-Ren Zhang and Honggao Yan

A cholesterol consensus motif is required for efficient intracellular transport and raft association of a group 2 HA from influenza virus
Maren de Vries, Andreas Herrmann and Michael Veit

20 October 2014

p58IPK is an inhibitor of the eIF2α kinase GCN2 and its localization and expression underpin protein synthesis and ER processing capacity
Anne Roobol, Jo Roobol, Amandine Bastide, John RP Knight, Anne E Willis and C Mark Smales

15 October 2014

miR-29b modulates intestinal epithelium homoeostasis by repressing menin translation
Miao Ouyang, Weijie Su, Lan Xiao, Jaladanki N Rao, Liping Jiang, Yanwu Li, Douglas J. Turner, Myriam Gorospe and Jian-Ying Wang

9 October 2014

The architecture of an Okazaki fragment-processing holoenzyme from the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus
Giuseppe Cannone, Yuli Xu, Thomas R. Beattie, Stephen D Bell and Laura Spagnolo

7 October 2014

Neutral sphingomyelinase-2 is a redox sensitive enzyme: role of catalytic cysteine residues in regulation of enzyme activity through changes in oligomeric state
P. Patrick Dotson II, Alexander A. Karakashian and Mariana N. Nikolova-Karakashian

29 September 2008

Curcumin, a dietary polyphenol, emerges as a novel inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania donovani
Rakhee Das, Amit Roy, Agneyo Ganguly, Neeta Datta and Hemanta K Majumder