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24 March 2015

In vitro reconstitution of cotranslational D1 insertion reveals a role of the cpSec/Alb3 translocase and Vipp1 in photosystem II biogenesis
Björn Walter, Athina Hristou, Marc M Nowaczyk and Danja Schünemann

20 March 2015

Characterization of the interactions between SIVrcm Vpx and red-capped mangabey SAMHD1
Jian Li, Fengwen Xu, Siqi Hu, Jinming Zhou, Shan Mei, Xiaoxiao Zhao, Shan Cen, Qi Jin, Chen Liang and Fei Guo

19 March 2015

Processing of Protein ADP-ribosylation by Nudix Hydrolases
Luca Palazzo, Benjamin Thomas, Ann-Sofie Jemth, Thomas Colby, Orsolya Leidecker, Karla Feijs, Roko Zaja, Olga Loseva, Jordi Carreras Puigvert, Ivan Matic, Thomas Helleday and Ivan Ahel

17 March 2015

Crystal structure of an SH2-kinase construct of c-Abl and effect of the SH2 domain on kinase activity
Sonja G Lorenz, Patricia Deng, Oliver Hantschel, Giulio Superti-Furga and John Kuriyan

16 March 2015

Determinants of oligosaccharide specificity of the carbohydrate binding modules of AMP-activated protein kinase
Jesse I Mobbs, Ann Koay, Alex Di Paolo, Michael Bieri, Emma J Petrie, Michael A Gorman, Larissa Doughty, Michael W Parker, David Stapleton, Michael D W Griffin and Paul R Gooley

RECQ1 interacts with FEN-1 and promotes binding of FEN-1 to telomeric chromatin
Furqan Sami, Xing Lu, Swetha Parvathaneni, Rabindra Roy, Ronald K. Gary and Sudha Sharma

13 March 2015

SARS hCoV papain-like protease is a unique Lys48 linkage-specific di-distributive deubiquitinating enzyme
Miklós Békés, Wioletta Rut, Paulina Kasperkiewicz, Monique P. C. Mulder, Huib Ovaa, Marcin Drag, Christopher D Lima and Tony T Huang

12 March 2015

Mechanisms of Biofilm Inhibition and Degradation by Antimicrobial Peptides
Li-av Segev-Zarko, Ron Saar-dover, Vlad Brumfeld, Maria Luisa Mangoni and Yechiel Shai

11 March 2015

Akt-Mediated regulation of antidepressant-sensitive serotonin transporter function, cell surface expression and phosphorylation
Jeyaganesh Rajamanickam, Balasubramaniam Annamalai, Troels Rahbek-Clemmensen, Santhanalakshmi Sundaramurthy, Ulrik Gether, Lankupalle D Jayanthi and Sammanda Ramamoorthy

The purification and characterization of ATP synthase complexes from the mitochondria of four fungal species
Sidong Liu, Thomas J Charlesworth, John V Bason, Martin G Montgomery, Michael E Harbour, Ian M. Fearnley and John E Walker

9 March 2015

Arc is a flexible modular protein capable of reversible self-oligomerization
Craig Myrum, Anne Baumann, Helene J. Bustad, Marte I. Flydal, Vincent Mariaule, Sara Alvira, Jorge Cuéllar, Jan Haavik, Jonathan Soulé, José Maria Valpuesta, José Antonio Márquez, Aurora Martinez and Clive R. Bramham

6 March 2015

Solution Structure of the Reduced Form of Human Peroxiredoxin-6 Elucidated Using Zero-Length Chemical Cross-linking And Homology Modeling
Roland F Rivera-Santiago, Sandra L Harper, Suiping Zhou, Sira Sriswasdi, Sheldon I Feinstein, Aron B Fisher and David W. Speicher

5 March 2015

Metformin and salicylate synergistically activate liver AMPK, inhibit lipogenesis and improve insulin sensitivity
Rebecca J Ford, Morgan D Fullerton, Stephen L Pinkosky, Emily A Day, John W Scott, Jonathan S Oakhill, Adam L Bujak, Brennan K Smith, Justin D Crane, Regje M Blϋmer, Katarina Marcinko, Bruce E Kemp, Hertzel C Gerstein and Gregory R Steinberg

Bioenergetic Programming Of Macrophages By The Apolipoprotein A-I Mimetic Peptide 4F
Geeta Datta, Philip A Kramer, Michelle S Johnson, Hirotaka Sawada, Lesley E Smythies, David K Crossman, Balu Chacko, Scott W Ballinger, David G Westbrook, Palgunachari Mayakonda, G M Anantharamaiah, Victor M Darley-Usmar and C Roger White

Microtubule association of EML proteins and the EML4-ALK variant 3 oncoprotein require an N-terminal trimerization domain
Mark W Richards, Laura O'Regan, Daniel Roth, Jessica M Montgomery, Anne Straube, Andrew M Fry and Richard Bayliss

4 March 2015

An antibody raised against a pathogenic serpin variant induces mutant-like behaviour in the wild-type protein
James A Irving, Elena Miranda, Imran Haq, Juan Perez, Vadim R Kotov, Sarah V Faull, Neda Motamedi-Shad and David A Lomas

3 March 2015

Interdomain interface-mediated target recognition by the Scribble PDZ34 supramodule
Jinqi Ren, Lei Feng, Yujie Bai, Haohong Pei, Zengqiang Yuan and Wei Feng

Role and structural characterization of plant aldehyde dehydrogenases from family 2 and family 7
Radka Končitíková, Armelle Vigouroux, Martina Kopečná, Tomáš Andree, Jan Bartoš, Marek Šebela, Solange Moréra and David Kopečný

Inhibition of the malate-aspartate shuttle in mouse pancreatic islets abolishes glucagon secretion without affecting insulin secretion
Jelena A Stamenkovic, Lotta E Andersson, Alice E Adriaenssens, Annika Bagge, Vladimir V Sharoyko, Fiona Gribble, Frank Reimann, Claes B Wollheim, Hindrik Mulder and Peter Spégel

2 March 2015

Protein kinase Snf1 is involved in the proper regulation of the unfolded protein response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Jofre Ferrer-dalmau, Francisca Randez-Gil, Maribel Marquina, Jose A Prieto and Antonio Casamayor

Conversion of Non-adipogenic Fibroblasts into Adipocytes by a Defined Hormone Mixture
Tao Nie, Xiaoyan Hui, Xuefei Gao, Baoming Nie, Liufeng Mao, Xiaofeng Tang, Ran Yuan, Kuai Li, Peng Li, Aimin Xu, Pentao Liu, Sheng Ding, Weiping Han, Garth Cooper and Donghai Wu

A novel chemical foot printing approach identifies critical lysine residues involved in the binding of receptor-associated-protein to cluster II of LDL receptor-related protein
Esther Bloem, Eduard H. T. M. Ebberink, Maartje van den Biggelaar, Carmen van der Zwaan, Koen Mertens and Alexander B. Meijer

Electron transfer by human wild-type and A287P mutant P450 oxidoreductase assessed by transient kinetics: Functional Basis of P450 Oxidoreductase Deficiency
Yi Jin, Mo Chen, Trevor M Penning and Walter L Miller

27 February 2015

Accelerated Publication
Assembly and structure of Lys33-linked polyubiquitin reveals distinct conformations
Yosua Adi Kristariyanto, Soo-youn Choi, Syed Arif Abdul Rehman, Maria Stella Ritorto, David G Campbell, Nicholas A Morrice, Rachel Toth and Yogesh Kulathu

26 February 2015

Notch ligand Delta-like1: X-ray crystal structure and binding affinity
Nadia J Kershaw, Nicole L Church, Michael D W Griffin, Cindy S Luo, Timothy E. Adams and Antony W Burgess

Yeast Hmt1 catalyzes asymmetric dimethylation of histone H3 arginine 2 in vitro
Hong-tao Li, Ting Gong, Zhen Zhou, Yu-ting Liu, Xiongwen Cao, Yongning He, Charlie Degui Chen and Jin-Qiu Zhou

Defining the Cytosolic Pathway of Glutathione Degradation in Arabidopsis thaliana: Role of the ChaC/GCG Family of γ-glutamyl cyclotransferases as Glutathione Degrading Enzymes and AtLAP1 as the Cys-Gly Peptidase
Shailesh Kumar, Amandeep Kaur, Banani Chattopadhyay and Anand K. Bachhawat

25 February 2015

Distinct lipid effects on tBid and Bim activation of membrane permeabilization by pro-apoptotic Bax
Aisha Shamas-Din, Scott Bindner, Xiaoke Chi, Brian Leber, David W Andrews and Cecile Fradin

23 February 2015

PAQR3 modulates H3K4 trimethylation by spatial modulation of the regulatory subunits of COMPASS-like complexes in mammalian cells
Chunchun Liu, Yuxue Zhang, Yongfan Hou, Liqiang Shen, Yinlong Li, Weiwei Guo, Daqian Xu, Gaigai Liu, Zilong Zhao, Kaiyang Man, Yi Pan, Zhenzhen Wang and Yan Chen

19 February 2015

PT-1 selectively activates AMPK-γ1 complexes in mouse skeletal muscle, but activates all three γ subunit complexes in cultured human cells by inhibiting the respiratory chain
Thomas Elbenhardt Jensen, Fiona A Ross, Maximilian Kleinert, Lykke Sylow, Jonas R. Knudsen, Graeme J. Gowans, D. Grahame Hardie and Erik A. Richter

The Leishmania donovani histidine acid ecto-phosphatase LdMAcP: insight into its structure and function
Amalia Papadaki, Anastasia S. Politou, Despina Smirlis, Maria P. Kotini, Konstadina Kourou, Thomais Papamarcaki and Haralabia Boleti

The author has paid for access to this article to be freely available Regulation of IGFBP-2 expression during fasting
Hye Suk Kang, Mi-Young Kim, Seung-jae Kim, Jae-ho Lee, Yong-deuk Kim, Young-kyo Seo, Jae-hoon Bae, Goo-taeg Oh, Dae-kyu Song, Yong-Ho Ahn and Seung-Soon Im

Structural Mechanisms Underlying Sequence-Dependent Variations in GAG Affinities of Decorin Binding Protein A, a Borrelia burgdorferi Adhesin
Ashli M. Morgan and Xu Wang

Small Molecule Inhibitors of ERK-mediated Immediate Early Gene Expression and Proliferation of Melanoma Cells Expressing Mutated BRaf
Ramin Samadani, Jun Zhang, Amanda Brophy, Taiji Oashi, U Deva Priyakumar, E Prabhu Raman, Franz J. St. John, Kwan-Young Jung, Steven Fletcher, Edwin Pozharski, Alexander D MacKerell and Paul S Shapiro

13 February 2015

Glutaredoxin AtGRXC2 catalyzes inhibitory glutathionylation of Arabidopsis BRI1-ASSOCIATED RECEPTOR-LIKE KINASE 1 (BAK1) in vitro
Kyle W. Bender, Xuejun Wang, George B Cheng, Hyoung Seok Kim, Raymond E. Zielinski and Steven C Huber

11 February 2015

Regulated stability of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase requires intrinsic but not ongoing activity
Xuemin Wang, Jianling Xie, Sergio Regufe Da Mota, Claire E Moore and Christopher Gregory Proud

DJ1 represses glycolysis and cell proliferation by transcriptionally up-regulating pink1
Raquel Requejo-Aguilar, Irene Lopez-Fabuel, Daniel Jimenez-blasco, Emilio Fernandez, Angeles Almeida and Juan P Bolaños

Retrocyclins neutralize bacterial toxins by potentiating their unfolding
Elena Kudryashova, Stephanie Seveau, Wuyuan Lu and Dmitri S Kudryashov

9 February 2015

Functional crosstalk between Cdc42 and two downstream targets Par6B and PAK4
Dan Jin, Joanne Durgan and Alan Hall

Evolutionarily Divergent, Na+-Regulated H+-Transporting Membrane-Bound Pyrophosphatases
Heidi H Luoto, Erika Nordbo, Anssi M Malinen, Alexander A Baykov and Reijo Lahti

6 February 2015

Modulation of spectral properties and pump activity of proteorhodopsins by retinal analogs
Srividya Ganapathy, Odette Bécheau, Hanka Venselaar, Siebren Frölich, Jeroen B van der Steen, Que Chen, Sarah Radwan, Johan Lugtenburg, Klaas J Hellingwerf, Huub J M de Groot and Willem J de Grip

4 February 2015

Molecular engineering of cycloisomaltooligosaccharide glucanotransferase from Bacillus circulans T-3040: structural determinants for the reaction product size and reactivity
Ryuichiro Suzuki, Nobuhiro Suzuki, Zui Fujimoto, Mitsuru Momma, Keitarou Kimura, Shinichi Kitamura, Atsuo Kimura and Kazumi Funane

3 February 2015

Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase constitute an energy consuming redox circuit
Kelsey H Fisher-Wellman, Chien-te Lin, Terence E Ryan, Lauren R Reese, Laura A. Gilliam, Brook L. Cathey, Daniel S. Lark, Cody D. Smith, Deborah M. Muoio and P. Darrell Neufer

2 February 2015

The cytotoxicity of 3-Bromopyruvate in breast cancer cells depends on extracellular pH
João Azevedo-Silva, Odília Queirós, Ana Ribeiro, Fátima Baltazar, Ko H Young, Peter L Pedersen, Ana Preto and Margarida Casal

28 January 2015

In vitro translation in a hybrid cell free lysate with exogenous cellular ribosomes
Baptiste Panthu, Didier Decimo, Laurent Balvay and Theophile Ohlmann

21 January 2015

Ischemia-induced autophagy leads to degradation of gap junction protein Connexin43 in cardiomyocytes
Tania Martins-Marques, Steve Catarino, Monica Zuzarte, Carla Marques, Paulo Matafome, Paulo Pereira and Henrique Girão

19 January 2015

ABC50 mutants modify translation start codon selection
Joanna D Stewart, Joanne L Cowan, Lisa S Perry, Mark J Coldwell and Christopher G Proud

29 September 2008

Curcumin, a dietary polyphenol, emerges as a novel inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania donovani
Rakhee Das, Amit Roy, Agneyo Ganguly, Neeta Datta and Hemanta K Majumder