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Current Issue: Volume 466, Issue 3
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Guy Rutter, Timothy Pullen, David Hodson and Aida Martinez-Sanchez
Accelerated Publication
Ines Delorge, Carlos M Figueroa, Regina Feil, John E Lunn and Patrick Van Dijck
This cutting-edge new study from Ines Delorge and colleagues shows that the expression of AtTPS2 or AtTPS4 enables the yeast tps1Δ tps2Δ mutant to grow on glucose and accumulate Tre6P and trehalose. Their results also indicated that A. thaliana has at least three catalytically active TPS isoforms.
Upcoming meetings
A joint Biochemical Society/British Society for Immunology Hot Topic Event - Metabolic Drivers of Immunity
Obesity and nutrient excess are associated with inflammatory phenotypes and immune dysfunction. This meeting will bring together key players to present emerging research on the importance of metabolism to normal maturation and differentiation of immune cells. Topics will include mitochondrial function and biogenesis in immune cells, nutrient sensing pathways and immunity, metabolism and innate immunity, and metabolism and adoptive immunity.

ABC Transporters
A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting - ABC Transporters: from mechanism to organism
ABC transporters are one of the largest families of membrane proteins and their diverse functions underpin numerous key physiological processes, as well as being causative factors in a number of clinically relevant pathologies. This meeting will focus on the mechanisms of ABC transporters and how this is integral to their effects on organism and cell biology.
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