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Current Issue: Volume 467, Issue 1
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Biomolecules Review
Carbohydrates play vital roles in many biological systems and the synthesis of carbohydrate-based compounds is of considerable interest for both research and commercial purposes. However, carbohydrates are challenging, due to the large number of sugar subunits and the multiple ways in which these can be linked together. This review clarifies the current knowledge and establishes a new rational basis for the engineering of glycoside hydrolases.
Energy Review
Cytochrome P450 enzymes are renowned for their ability to insert oxygen into an enormous variety of compounds with a high degree of chemo- and regio-selectivity under mild conditions. The catalytic versatility of P450s makes them well suited for repurposing for the synthesis of fine chemicals such as drugs. This review illustrates the progress that has been made in altering properties of P450s such as substrate range, cofactor preference and stability, and outline some of the remaining challenges that must be overcome for industrial application of these powerful biocatalysts.
Signal Research
The human Tribbles (TRB)-related pseudokinases are CAMK (calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase)-related family members that have evolved a series of highly unusual motifs in the 'pseudocatalytic' domain. In this research paper, Bailey et al. report that Tribbles 2 (TRB2), a pseudokinase linked to cancer, binds ATP and autophosphorylates in a metal-independent manner. This activity is prevented by mutations in the ATP-binding site and a TRB2 mutant can be targeted with a small molecule ligand.
Cell Research
The intracellular localization of ATP-binding cassette, sub family B (ABCB) 6 is a matter of debate. Kiss et al show that ABCB6 is internalized from the plasma membrane to multivesicular bodies and lysosomes. Molecular dissection of the ABCB6 protein reveals a role of its N-terminal domain in targeting.
If you are interested in ABC transporters, find out more about our upcoming meeting here.
Upcoming meetings
A joint Biochemical Society/British Society for Immunology Hot Topic Event - Metabolic Drivers of Immunity
Obesity and nutrient excess are associated with inflammatory phenotypes and immune dysfunction. This meeting will bring together key players to present emerging research on the importance of metabolism to normal maturation and differentiation of immune cells. Topics will include mitochondrial function and biogenesis in immune cells, nutrient sensing pathways and immunity, metabolism and innate immunity, and metabolism and adoptive immunity.

ABC Transporters
A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting - ABC Transporters: from mechanism to organism
ABC transporters are one of the largest families of membrane proteins and their diverse functions underpin numerous key physiological processes, as well as being causative factors in a number of clinically relevant pathologies. This meeting will focus on the mechanisms of ABC transporters and how this is integral to their effects on organism and cell biology.
For more information, see here.