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Current Issue: Volume 465, Issue 3
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Biraja C. Dash, Zhengxin Jiang, Carol Suh and Yibing Qyang
Fiona P. Bailey, Dominic P. Byrne, Daniel McSkimming, Natarajan Kannan and Patrick A. Eyers
Upcoming meetings
A joint Biochemical Society/ Protein Society Focused meeting - Repetitive, Non-Globular Proteins
Repetitive proteins are abundant in nature and are potential useful in nanotechnology, however they are less well-understood developments in the field. Topics will include the structure and function of repetitive proteins, protein folding, design and evolution, as well as sessions on nanotechnology and synthetic biology.
Abstracts are invited for submission before the 26th January 2015 and can be submitted here.

Metabolic Drivers
A joint Biochemical Society/British Society for Immunology Hot Topic Event - Metabolic Drivers of Immunity
Obesity and nutrient excess are associated with inflammatory phenotypes and immune dysfunction. This conference will bring together key players to present emerging research on the importance of metabolism to normal maturation and differentiation of immune cells.
Key topics will include Mitochondrial function and biogenesis in immune cells; Nutrient sensing pathways and immunity; Metabolism and innate immunity; Metabolism and adoptive immunity.
Abstract submission deadline extended to 28th Jan 2015 - submit here.